Action Needed !

February 15, 2016

82+ and Counting------For Christ


Few Ripples On The Waters


When a soul is buried in Christian baptism, immersed into Christ if you will, the waters of the pool erupt first when the person is buried beneath the waters, and then when he/she is raised up out of the watery grave as a new-born child of God.  Today in Christ’s church the pools for immersion in too many cases are lying silent without many ripples.  The Great Commission of Christ to His church is lying ignored far too often in some places and nearly dormant in far too many other places.  Praise God though, there are some congregation who have a strong drive to bring in the lost!

Oh ! My!  There are so many auxiliary programs running in the churches, far too many to list here, many with only a degree of worth for specific purposes. The bottom line from them as expressed in redeemed lives is often far from impressive. What is even less impressive is the almost total disappearance of  conversation and discussion concerning evangelism and the means for conducting effective efforts in that direction. 

As a boy in the church in the 40s and 50s evangelistic meetings and campaigns were conducted regularly.  Oh! Yes, I know that’s “old school” to many. Into the 60s and 70 revivals replaced those efforts.  Now today even revivals are few and far between in Christ’s church.  What is the matter?  Are Christians tired of serving Christ?  Is testifying about Christ to a person or group of people too much to ask?  Where is the drive in His Body, the Church, to get the word of salvation to the lost of humanity?

The church in Ephesus was challenged by Christ as to whether it had forgotten its first love (Rev 2:1).  The first love of any church should be Jesus Christ Himself, and an appendage second love should be serving Him by spreading His Gospel with strong encouragement to the lost.  Where are the Christians today?  What is their first love?  Some do love Christ.  Some do serve Christ.  Far too many calling themselves “Christian”  do not and do nothing.

I have been teaching for 63 years and preaching 53 years. I presently teach two classes. I plan to do so as long as my facilities and age permit me to do a credible job.  I believe in practicing what I preach. “Isn’t that bragging?”, you say.  Not at all!  I consider it witnessing about service to Christ.  You may think of it as you wish.

 I want to stand before the Lord and if asked, be able to say, “I did the best I could”.  But please don’t tell me that doing little or nothing in service to Christ is the best you can do!  I say, “Get busy and stir up the water!  Cause the ripples to flow!”

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