Nothing Plus Nothing Equals Nothing

February 26, 2016

82+ and Counting ------For Christ


Contrary to the opinions and beliefs of a large majority of the human population, nothing did not become something by its own decision and power. For one to believe that it did requires a far greater element of faith than for one to believe that an Eternal Being possessing all wisdom, power, and righteousness brought about the creation.  The theories of the Big Bang and of Evolution are founded upon the misbegotten idea that nothing initiated the Universe and all therein.  That concept is held by those who seek a path around the existence of a living, all-powerful Creator and their responsibilities to Him. Atheism cannot explain creation or even the presence of the atheist!

The “nothing created something” argument is totally illogical, but admittedly the idea of creation by an eternally existent Omnipotent Being is extremely difficult for the human mind to wrap itself around, and even though it is the concept which is most logical, plausible, and biblical, we must admit to our lack of complete understanding of the mechanics involved.  The one factor we can understand is the obvious continuity and economy in the design of the creation which demands an intellect driving it.

Some would like to have it that because animals have similarity in design such as a brain, a skeletal structure, a circulatory structure, an excretory structure, a respiratory structure, etc., that one species developed from another.  But it is just as reasonable, if not more so, to accept that a Creator conceived a general design that was functionally acceptable and efficient, and stayed with it, excepting that He chose to alter the form according to His purpose for the various creatures. Certainly there are obvious differences in the manner in which the general design is applied, but none destroying the integrity of the Creator.

A chicken, for instance, has a three part brain, while a man has a six part brain.  A brain structure is present in both, but each as such for specific purposes. That was a choice of the Creator. He apparently determined that the chicken has all the brain it needed, and the same for man.  The same remains true for every species and every feature and form of each.

“Now what is the point of this discussion?” you might ask. Simply this; uncounted souls are being misled down a path that leads them to an eternity of hellish misery by a philosophical theory that by its own demands of eons of time over which to develop destroys itself!  How, for instance, could the life of a man or a chicken, or any living entity for that matter, exist or continue if it would take eons of time for a functional heart to develop?  Or further, for the development of a functional circulatory system to conduct the blood to the body?  Apply that to the independent development of brain, individual organs, bones, skin and whatever else life is dependent upon, and the mathematical odds are monumentally against the possibilities of accidental creation.

So, the best we can do is accept what little we know, and be content with the vast amount we do not know, about our Creator God and His work, and be happy with it!




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