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April 26, 2016

Are there Not Enough Words ?

In the early 1960s S.I. Hayakawa, noted semanticist, estimated well over 600,000 words in use in the English language.  Today a bit over 50 years later, it is estimated that the English language contains slightly over 1,020, 000 words. Obviously ours is a “living language”.  Hayakawa pointed out that most words entering the language do so at generally a high moral level.  Some though degenerate in meaning or usage into the gutter and others even begin there.  Numerous of our words which at one time carried a happy and lighthearted meaning have taken on that kind of a very dark nature.

Hayakawa also pointed out that it was estimated at that time the average American exercised a daily vocabulary of roughly 3000 words.  Obviously being an average figure would indicate that some people have larger word banks than do others.  Yet all the words in the language are available to everyone. 

Our language has some very beautiful words while others are extremely effective in describing and creating word pictures.  On the other hand some words have fallen so low as to be far beyond disgusting to the point of being reprehensible and fail miserably at communicating. Yet quite regularly one finds them used in public articles.  When those despicable terms appear one has to wonder the cause behind their usage. Is it the lack of education?  Is it the lack of effective mental capacity?  Or is it an egocentric problem wherein a person is so intent upon impressing others with the force of their character, or their “I don’t care attitude”?  News flash!!  Not impressed! 

It doesn’t require any more human breath to utter a respectable word that it does a curse word or a word that should have been flushed long ago!  It is bad enough for a man to speak or write that way but for a supposed lady to do so causes one to turn their head away from that person quickly.  I was raised on the farm and regularly had to clean the stables, cow, horse, hog or chicken, it was all nasty as could be, so don’t try to impress this person with words that smell just as bad.  Not impressed!  Try using beautiful words for once and see how much more effective that can be.

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